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Sensors for Seniors: Making Life Safer Around the Clock

Live free and feel protected with our motion sensors. Seniors can retain self- respect while Care Givers maintain awareness, identify uncertain situations, analyze activity patterns and provide a holistic picture of your member’s health—from physical to psychological. We value well-being.


Quarter-Mile Range Activity Detection

These long-range smart sensors can detect activity up to a quarter of a mile away, feature extremely long battery life, store up to two years of encrypted data, possess a no-tools-required installation, and come in at an economical price point.


Identify Safety Hazards as They Happen

Our superior smart sensors can detect accidents and falls, whether in the bathroom or outside on the stoop as well as wandering at night. Care Givers are immediately alerted and can take positive action
before the situation becomes potentially hazardous.


Pinpoint Uncommon Behavior & Non-Compliance

Our standard alert rules include wandering at night, inactivity over
lengthy periods of time, late-to-bed and late-to-rise situations, an unusual amount of bathroom visits, and medication non-compliance. Now, you can virtually monitor your patients, feeling confident that the situation is under control.


Wide Range Sensors Protect Life & Home

We offer a wide spectrum of home security and smart home devices that monitor your senior’s safety. From infrared motion and water leak sensors to environmental and life safety controls and much more. Trouble doesn’t know when you’re home, but we keep you aware so you know when they need extra care.


Create Custom Alert Rules for Seniors

We understand every patient is unique. That’s why we’ve made it
possible for you to create your own alerts with our easy-to-use IFTTT (If
This Then That) commands. You can build powerful, custom detection and alert rules, specific to your senior’s needs and based on past health events.


Extensive Care & Communication with Alexa

Let Alexa be your virtual assistant. You can speak with your patient any time, checking in if they suspect you’ve fallen or reminding them to take their medication. Easy integration with many health systems, Alexa provides the extra awareness you need to create extra independence for your senior.

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