Be faster to Market
when you Partner with AliHLTH 

Build your customized, branded health App "out of the box" today!

With AliHLTH you are free to focus entirely on your custom App solution

...And Save Up to 90% of your Development Budget
  • There's no need to start from scratch

  • Build on the AliHLTH framework already in place, including:

    • standard telehealth​

    • virtual care

    • RPM processes and data structures

  • Let AliHLTH take care of application services for your:

    • underlying communication layer​

    • biometric device API's, and

    • Security aspects of your solution

Heading 5
Heading 5

Get up and Running with the Right Feature Set for You

Choose your App Modules
  • Senior Activity monitoring via home motion sensors.

  • System detects unusual activities like:

    • Night wandering

    • Medication non-compliance

    • Too frequent bathroom visits

    • Potential falls

  • Provide custom care pathways:

    • clinical surveys​

    • physical exercises

  • Powerful telehealth modules with spoken reminders via a Home Speaker Hub

Connect Any Device
  • Open Smart Home Connectivity to:

    • Alexa​

    • Google Assistant

  • Choose from a range of 350 physiological devices through our activity Partners:

    • Validic

    • Apple HealthKit 

    • Google Fit