AliHLTH Holistic remote monitoring and communication

  • Increases efficiency

  • Alleviates labor shortages

  • Lowers costs

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 Area Sensors 
 Detect Unusual Behaviors 
 Work in Tandem with Alexa 
 Potential Patient Falls 
 Medication Non-compliance 
 Bathroom Visits 
 Nighttime Wandering 

AliHLTH Patient safety system

  • Sensors alert caregivers​

  • Alexa provides

    • "Drop-in" conversations​

    • 2-Way patient-caregiver communication 

Remote monitoring 24/7

  • Sensors + Alexa Remotely

    • Provide nursing care insights

    • Boost care communication

  • Built-in EHR Connectivity

    • Import patient demographics, diagnoses, etc. 

    • Export biometric and behavioral data

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 Responds to Patient Requests 
 Versatile 2-Way Communication 
 Connects to any EHR system