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Compassionate Care from Anywhere

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ALiHLTH Puts You in the Room

If you're a Visiting Nurse, Home Health Care Worker, or AL nurse you know that senior care can be a very fulfilling career. But it comes with stress. When you put your heart into your job, there’s not much downtime.

With ALiHLTH you can take the break you deserve and still have eyes and ears on your patient. Keep track of health stats, patients’ safety and well-being, communicate as if you were in the same room, and monitor them from anywhere.


Americans turn 65 every day


of baby boomers want to age at home

20 Mil+

people will be over age 65 by 2040

4 Mil+

hours of care served per week

What sets AliHLTH Apart?

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Captures health analytics from 500+ medical and wearable devices.

AliHLTH connects and integrates with any device, including Apple Healthkit and GoogleFit as well as many EMR systems. Digitally uploading health data, then analyzing and sharing it is just one way we keep Health Care Workers and patients better connected.

Enhanced Safety Through Motion Sensors

Our room sensors detect activity patterns and alert caregivers when patients are restless at night or have challenges with medication adherence. Caregivers can study physiologic movement and behavioral patterns on any device at any time. Care that never sleeps.

Stay 100% Connected: Alexa Smart Speakers and Video Home Hub

We enhance the senior/caregiver bond. HIPAA eligible and fully integrated, the AliHLTH solution connects with Alexa Smart Speakers and Video Hub to act as an audio/video communication tool or virtual companion that can read
books and answer daily questions to keep seniors engaged.

Alexa Integration for
Instant Care and Companionship

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Our HIPAA-eligible Alexa Smart Speakers and Home Hub fully integrates as an audio/video tool for instant connection between senior and caregiver or as an attentive virtual companion. This partnership enhances your senior’s life,
independence, and mental well-being by providing an empowered connection. Additionally, Alexa’s Smart Properties functionalities and framework streamline workflows to help save time and money while caring for multiple patients.

We’re Always Here for You

Aging at Home

  • Increased quality of care is achieved through the combination of Alexa
    Smart Speakers and the Home Hub along with room-based activity
    sensors. Caregivers have access to a senior’s physical and virtual touchpoints.

  • Senior safety is increased within the home through real-time alerts that
    notify care team members of important data, needs, and activities.

  • Caregiver stress is decreased through reduced visits and less unnecessary travel time.

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Improved Home Healthcare

  • AliHLTH assists your home healthcare staff with continuous analysis of physiologic data and notifications on critical patients.

  • Receive real-time alerts for potential falls, medication challenges, and unusual activity patterns such as excessive visits to the bathroom or restless activity at night. With the Alexa integration, you can check in on your senior at anytime from anywhere.

  • Share curated patient data via our mobile app to bring families peace
    of mind 24/7.

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Superior Facility-Based

Senior Care

  • AliHLTH’s solution allows healthcare workers to streamline workflows
    by automating critical readings, charting, and analysis of vital data.
    The Alexa Home Hub reduces concerns by simplifying less crucial
    patient care requests and allowing the healthcare worker to focus on
    outstanding care while seniors remain occupied and independent.

  • Our HIPAA-eligible solution can be seamlessly integrated with your provider’s
    EMR system.

  • Concerned family and friends stay connected via our mobile app.

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